The Project
“AFTER SERVING” is the comprehensive result of a two-year endeavor towards a finalized master’s project. This project, required of Syracuse University graduate students in the Multimedia, Photography, and Design in order to graduate, includes three key and mandatory components. To qualify as master’s project criteria, it must showcase the student’s best and new work and include three visual products: The primary visual form and two supplemental forms. “After Serving” presents the website itself as the key visual form and presents video stories and photogrammetry scanned objects as the two supplemental forms.
Getting to the Point
This project came into being after talking to a friend of mine about the high suicide rates of recently separated veterans. While issues of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and combat-related injuries are a part of the prevailing narratives of the veteran community, the personal upheaval of leaving the military is traumatic in itself. This is a space for military veterans to share their own stories about their transition, and points community members to resources that will aid in their journey to civilian life.
The Contents
“AFTER SERVING” isn’t just about hearing other’s story though. It is a place of community, where those who have lost their place know they aren’t alone and maybe get help finding what they have been looking for. In staying with the feel of community, I felt it more belonging to create an interactive and immersive aspect to it. So, each video gives the viewer the opportunity to view it on a VR headset. For those who don’t wish to, or don’t have the ability, it can still simply be watched as is. On the subject’s page, you can find an additional object that you can interact with. It is a 3D scanned object that the subject held dear to them, helping them cope through their transition. For iPhone users, one can also interact with the object in Augmented Reality!
David Scharton
David Scharton, producer and designer of “AFTER SERVING”, studied at Syracuse University (SU), where he created the website as part of his master’s degree. In 2023 he earned his MS in Multimedia Photography and Design from SU’s S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications. David earned his BA in Creative Writing from Andrews University in 2007 and subsequently joined the Army as a Photographer and Videographer that next fall. After serving active duty, David spent a few years as a Graphic Designer in the D.C. area. Overall, David has over 8 years of practical multimedia experience, not including working as an Instructional Assistant for four semesters teaching multimedia storytelling to college freshman.
Aside from designing or producing media, David also enjoys writing and spending time outdoors, whether it be hiking, travelling, or seeing new places. Passion for the new and unseen can explain what David lives for. You never stop learning. To see more products by David, see his website at DavidScharton.com.